Mission Viejo Garden Club

Due to the cancellation of the Irish Fest by the City of Mission Viejo, the Annual Plant Sale has also been cancelled.  See you next year!

A sample of our demonstration gardens:

Hobbit Themed Garden


The focal point of the 2013 Demonstration garden, inspired by the movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, is the round, bright Hobbit home that one would find in the Shire.  The structure was created from a wooden barrel purchased at a local big box store.  Beverly Blake and Tom Scott of the Camino Real Playhouse in San Juan Capistrano designed and painted the Hobbit home.  Other touches were provided by MVGC members.  The suitcase is a prop referencing the journey that is about to begin.  The sheep added a nice pastoral touch and were donated by Jacqueline Kovacs, a MVGC member.  The grass was used to create a field appearance and was draped over the Hobbit barrel and around the stepping stones.  The stones were donated by MVGC member Carleene Hyde.  Plantings or the garden included cottage garden type specimens, including nasturtiums, hollyhocks, and snap dragons, among others. 


Moon Garden

The 2012 Moon Garden featured a white lawn chair for sitting and gazing at the garden as it reflects the light of the moon.  The sculpture of "Mr. Moon" was used again since it fit with the theme.  We recycled an old lawn mower as garden art. Some of the silver and white flowers used were dusty miller, sow's ear (elephant ear), white daisies, white roses, and Russian Sage. It was serendipitous that the biggest, brightest moon of the year occurred the Saturday night of the event. 


Harry Potter's Garden

The 2011 Demonstration Garden was inspired by the popular Harry Potter series.  Designed and constructed by Paddee Neff, a renovated dog house became Hagrid's Cottage with a living roof. Living roof module plants were donated by Native Sons Wholesale Nursery while MVGC members donated other plant materials.  The city of Mission Viejo provided the mulch and the 12 X 12 frame for the garden which was filled with pumpkins, cabbages, red geraniums, and yew trees (used to make magic wands).  A dry rock creek bed ran through the garden, past a sculpture of a Moon.   Wooden stakes naming the plants according to Harry Potter (flutterby, onions, herbs, daisies) were created by Katie Weber.

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